Models Announced

The following is a list of CN models announced by manufacturers.
Rating scale

Close - Mostly accurate but may require some changes to reflect CN prototype practices
Stand in - requires significant changes to represent CN prototype practices
Fantasy - No CN prototype
TBD - To be determined when model is available

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OES44cdWWWApril 2018ES44 dc
OSD70 aceBlue and BlackJuly 2018SD70 ace
Ocylindrical hopperCanada RedJuly 2018Hopper
OReeferSuperthermMay 2018Reefer
HOcylindrical covered hopperEnvironmental Mode logoLate June 2018SD70ACe
O50 ft PS1 boxcarnoodleTBDTBDunknownc. hopper
HOC44-9WWWWTBDTBDDecember 2018C44-9W
HOF9bas delivered, stripes
fall 2019F9b
NGMD 1green, noodle, stripes and Cuba
early 2018GMD1
HOBud mid train domechrome and heritage
HOSD70ACeBlue ex demoMarch 2018SD70ACe
HO and NEF-644tWWWTBDTBDSpring 2018ET 44
HOFMC boxcarWWWTBDTBDNovember 2017FMC
HO72 center beam flat CNAFebruary 2018Center Beam Flat
NBaggage CarnoodleTBDTBDMarch 2018baggage car
ZSD40-2white block lettersTBDTBD1st quarter 2018SD40-2
OGondolawhite block lettersTBDTBD1st quarter2018gondola
HOSW 1200RSSeveralTBDTBDWinter 2018SW 1200RS
NTurboRed and WhiteTBDTBDLate 2018Turbo
HO&NBehgon CoalporterCNA red and whiteTBDTBDJune 2018coalporter
Npanel side hopperwhite letteringTBDTBDEarly 2018hopper
N40ft boxcar 4 packTBDTBDDecember 2017boxcar
HOPS 5277 BOXAccurate
Accurate for some CN cars
AccurateMay 2018Boxcar
HOSD70Ace & SD70M-2   Accurate
based on a CN prototype
AccurateMay 2018SD 70
HOC630M  Close
Most CN units did not have dynamic brakes
should be removed
AccurateJanuary 2018C630M
HOGP40-2WStripes and wwwAccurateAccurateEnd of 2017GP40-2W
N50 ft plug door boxcarCN NoodleStand in
generic, will need changes and/or specific parts added/removed to be prototypical
CloseSummer 2017plug door
HOSW1200RSblack cab, red cabTBDTBDFall 2017SW1200RS
HOWoodchip HopperCN NoodleTBDTBDfall 2017Woodchip hopper
N50 ft double door boxcarCN NoodleTBD
accurate for some CN cars
TBDSummer 201750ft boxcar
HO30ft old time flatcarCN Stand In
generic, will need changes and/or specific parts added/removed to be prototypical
CloseDecember 2017Roundhouse flatcar
HO53' high-cube containerWe deliver, CN worldwideTBDTBDFall 2017container
HO3800cf Cylindrical Hopperred noodle, display
black noodle, brown
Based on a CN prototype
AccurateFall 2017hopper
NSd40-2WStripes, Map, WWW, ExpoJuly/AugustSD40-2W
NSD 70WWW CloseAccurateJanuary 2018SD70
While we strive to be accurate and complete this is not a comprehensive list
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