Models Announced

The following is a list of CN models announced by manufacturers.
BowserHOC630MStripes and black & orangeMay2017January 2018C630M
AtlasHOGP40-2WStripes and wwwApril 2017End of 2017SD40-2W
Walthers mainlineHOSD 60 spartan cabCN WWWApril 9 2017July 2017SD 60
Atlas Model RailroadN50 ft plug door boxcarCN NoodleApril 9 20173rd quarter 2017plug door
Atlas OOExpress ReeferGreen/GoldMarch 8 20173rd quarter 2017Reefer
True Line TrainsHOSW1200RSLate with black cab and with red cabMarch 3 20174th quarter 2017SW1200RS
Wheels of timeHOBaggage express carGreenMarch 14 2017fall 2017Baggage express
True Line TrainsHOWoodchip HopperCN NoodleMarch 1 2017fall 2017Woodchip hopper
Atlas Model RailroadN50 ft double door boxcarCN NoodleFebruary 7 20173rd quarter 201750ft boxcar
AthearnNSD 70WWW February 2017January 2018SD70
Atlas Model RailroadHO and NRebuilt USRA boxcarCN Green Maple LeafJanuary 10 20173rd quarter 2017rebuilt boxcar
Athearn/RoundhouseHO30ft old time flatcarCN January 2017December 2017Roundhouse flatcar
Scale TrainsHOET-44acwwwJanuary 1 2017summer 2017ET-44AC
Kato NGE ES 44ACWWWJune 2017ES44AC
RapidoHO53' high-cube containerWe deliver, CN worldwideAugust 7 2016Fall 2017container
RapidoHOGE Dash 8-40CM “Draper Taper”WWW, Map and StripesMarch 23 2016Fall 2017dash 8
RapidoNGMD-1 StripesJuly 23 2015unknownGMD1
RapidoNFPA-4, FPB-4 Stripes, Green and Goldsummer 2017FPA/B-4
While we strive to be accurate and complete this is not a comprehensive list
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